Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton appointed Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith to rep.ace Al Franken in Senate

Smith will finish Franken's term which will end in 2020.
Smith is a former General Mills executive who in the 1990 started her own marketing and political consulting firm. She eventually managed Walter Mondale’s unsuccessful 2002 Senate run and Mondale’s son Ted Mondale’s failed 1998 bid for governor.

More information about Tina Smith at Legal Insurrection, including her age. How rude! Along with more about the situation surrounding the whole debacle.

Doug Jones wins Alabama Senate seat held by Jeff Sessions

Another shot? Really? I didn't know that. I was certain all the money Democrats poured into this race wouldn't work, but it did. Apparently results were very close, I read by 1%. 

Elizabeth Warren called Kisten Gillibrand a whore

Kisten Gillibrand began stage three of their new plan to discredit Trump Administration, or better to set the stage for impeachment. First they attacked him based on the tape of his conversation where he bragged about being so rich that gold diggers flock and allow him to do anything, but that failed. Attacks proved useless because they have so much of that mischievousness themselves. So stage two was clean house Puritanically. But that backfired because their conglomeration of politicians, entertainers and news readers are so overwhelming rife with perverts and the me-too phenomena is clearing them out for the present. Now that they've cleaned up their politicians, so they think, it's time to pick up that line of attack against Trump again. Or else why suffer all that trouble?  It galls them that much that their customary attack using conservative values against conservative Republican candidates doesn't work anymore. It galls GOPe too. Enter Kisten Gillibrand suggesting Trump resign. But he won't. So Congress should investigate the multiple sexual harassment and assault allegations against him.

We'll soon see who DNC drags out paid multiple thousands to pursue this attack. Waiving twenty-thouseand dollar bills through James Carville's trailer park as it were.

Trump dominated the news cycle again by tweeting a counterattack. He called Gillibrand a total flunky of Schumer and someone who came to his office begging for campaign contributions not long ago and who'd do anything for them. He hit Schumer and Guillibrand. He broadcasted that Schumer had best not come whoring either. He's telling Schumer he's ready to handle phase three.

Elizabeth Warren chimed in to support Gillibrand by attacking Trump: Are you really going to slut-shame Gillibrand?

Yes, you fake ass Indian slut. I am going to slut-shame the slut.  Kidding. Trump didn't say that. Trump hasn't yet responded. The news cycle hasn't spun down. They're too excited about their Senators jumping on Trump.

Except Trump didn't slut-shame Gillibrand. Elizabeth Warren did. Trump said she'd do anything for the money she was begging for and that sounded like whoring to Elizabeth Warren, and it is, but not in a sexual way. And although Trump says this same thing about men, it does prove the point again that Trump was making when he bragged so freely in private about about gold diggers surrounding him. When you're rich, they come to you. They offer what they have in exchange that they think might interest him. Oddly enough, in that original tape, as I recall it, he went on discussing his failure at seducing a woman he was attracted to. Even shopping for expensive furniture didn't work. It was an engaging story, actually, sluts all around him attracted to his money, except the one he wanted, married, I think, got away untouched.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

WKRLEM: Joy to the World

When is a leg not a leg?

When it is a stick. I was sawing leg blanks today and one of them fell off my workbench. My dog grabbed it and ran off - she thought it was a game. So I chased her around the yard and eventually she dropped it. Work and dogs make for a wonderful life.

Amazon deliveries

Care to hear something stupid?

I bought four things on Amazon together so they could be delivered at one time. But instead Amazon made four separate deliveries. Their new way of doing things causes me to track them excessively because they could be left at my front door or even downstairs inside our secure front door. But those two place won't stop inside thieves. Sometimes a package sitting there is too tempting.

Two on Sunday. Quite careless, they were left on a table at the front door. Anyone passing could have just taken them. I saw the second package by chance by my walking out the front door downstairs.

Today I'm expecting the electric pressure cooker that you see advertised all over the place. I'm eager to try it. My regular pressure cooker is unbelievably useful. Lately I've been using it for rice. Cooked in a bowl with measured water on a trivet inside the pressure pot with its own water. It's fast and it's flawless. And I don't even have to clean the pot.

Today I invented a lunch. But first I checked Amazon package tracking.

Brussel sprouts with bacon and tofu cubes in soy broth. Same thing with the sprouts as the rice. Sprouts are quartered and put in a jar with water, on a trivet inside the pressure pot with its own water. Brought to 15 lbs. pressure, then brought right back down. No timing, actually, just up and down.  The water in the sprouts deglazes the bacon messed up in the pan. Cubed tofu added. To turn the water into broth, 2 teaspoons soy sauce, 1 level teaspoon sugar (I'm out of mirin), 1 teaspoon fish sauce, 1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame seed oil, 1 teaspoon maple syrup because the jar was right there.

I know I'll get boos for tofu, but so what, this is delicious and very easy to eat. If anything, this would convert you. Odd making broth without chicken stock or beef stock.

Here's the thing that's stupid. 

I'm turning into my mother in the years before she passed. We finally got through to her that she cannot compare tips today with what she earned in her youth. The whole socioeconomic backstory has changed. In her last years she began tipping wildly shoving bills at nurses and hostesses, gas station attendants, car maintenance people, DMV clerks, government workers, meter readers, everybody she came into contact, anybody who did anything for her. 

This holiday season I doubled the usual tips, so much as half the cost of the service. And it feels great because they're not expecting it. Ten bucks tip for the pizza deliverer, for a pizza delivered to somebody else. Ten bucks tip for a haircut and so on. Tracking this package, and reading how overworked Amazon deliverers are, two hundred a day with no toilet breaks, if that can be believed. I pulled out a ten dollar bill to have waiting. But now it's into the afternoon, so I thought, what the heck make it twenty for Christmas these people are really hustling. I put the ten back and took out a twenty. The twenty dollar bill is waiting right at the door to pass to the Amazon deliverer. After lunch I check Amazon. "Your package has been delivered at your front door." They delivered when I was right there at the door making this Brussel sprouts and bacon soup. I open the door and there is the package. Had the driver just knocked on my door I could have given them their twenty dollar bill. But they didn't knock. They just dumped and split. Like a cat. No knock. No tip. 

And that's very stupid.  

Donald Trump, Diet Cokes

Like a boss.

Mike Morell, former CIA director admits to politicization of intelligence communty

The interview is difficult to read for the resolute unshakable bias of both interviewer and interviewee.

Susan Glasser writing for Politico opens with "The Russian 2016 hacking, Morell told me, was in fact a U.S. “intelligence failure” in multiple ways." That hacking was Russian phishing Podesta who stupidly opened his email and exposed DNC servers, where Russia turned over information to Wikipedia. She does not mention that, knowing her readers will conflate that known hacking that shows Democrat incompetence, with imaginary hacking of voting machines resulting in Hillary Clinton upset losing to  Donald Trump that has arrested the attention of Democrat media and whomever it is still watching them, the Democrat public at large.

Politico tucked this damaging interview away far to the bottom of their front page under the title Ex-Spy Chief: Russia’s Election Hacking Was An ‘Intelligence Failure’ 

Monday, December 11, 2017

WKRLEM: #metoo

We were all so innocent then.

I have been watching reruns of Rowan and Martin every night and about 90% of the stuff they did would get them arrested today.

Of course 90% of what I did back then would get me arrested too so what the heck.

Sock it to me.

1685 on the AM dial...

Johann Sebastian Bach.jpg


The post at American Digest, Putting Christmas Back in America is a comparison between Obama and Trump Christmas cards. Obama family card says, Happy Holidays, and Trump family card says, Merry Christmas.

Simple point. We've heard the gripe before. Obama responds with videos of himself saying Merry Christmas. The point remains, the trend is to commercialize the heck out of a Christian holiday while skipping its Christian origin. And Obama card is part of that.

There is nothing in Christian teaching that says adherents must celebrate the presumed birth of Jesus for his gospel, his good news, not that he died to erase our sins as commonly believed, rather, his teaching that we're all sons and daughters of God and we're loved in the same way parents love their children, that he loves us so much that he came here and lived among us, is so enriching, so profoundly different and elevated beyond other religions, that believers through ages did all this themselves. You cannot jump on the Christmas celebration bandwagon, profit by it, and skip the birth of Jesus. Now join hands around the cash register and sing Jesus Loves Me.

The comments at American Digest ignore the point of the post and devolve immediately to cursive writing. "Donald's and Melania's signature sure is pointy." And, "Barron needs to learn cursive." And,  "They don't teach that in school anymore."


Parents are teaching their children cursive at home because it's not taught in school anymore.

Oh man, this causes a flashback so hard I'm forced out of body and time displaced over here.

Boom. I'm in the first grade. Sitting at a tiny desk with a girl next to me. I am slow on the uptake. I am not getting this connect the letters thing. I connected them all in one long string. The whole paragraph connected. The girl sitting next to me, bless her, said, "You're doing it wrong."


"You're supposed to leave gaps."

"Well then, how do I know where to have gaps? Gawl!"

This was going to be another of those random language things thrown at me just to make language more difficult. Adults are wicked.

"The letters in each word are connected. Each word is one thing. Leave a gap between each word."


"These letters are changed a little bit so you can do that. You don't have to lift up your pencil all the time."


She is a genius. She had everything figured out way before I did. And this wasn't the only thing she broke down in terms I could understand. She explained a lot of things that happened in class. She is the girl who explained to me during class why we praise God for things that people do. The teacher remarked, "Thank God, the man jumped in and saved the family from the car in the river." Why does God get credit for the thing that the man did? No fair. The teacher skipped right over the hero and gave her praise to God instead. I told the girl, that is not right. She answered cooly, God made the people who do heroic things. Then, when I said, "No he didn't. Their parents made the people who did heroic things." Then she said, "God made people." And I go, "Evolution made people." And she goes, "God made the earth. God made evolution possible." And I'm all, "Oh. Okay you got me. You're really good at this."

Recall the witness in Zimmerman trial given a handwritten note in court, critical to her testimony, and asked to read it. To the embarrassment of all Americans watching, and giving the lie to her previous testimony,  she said, "I don't do cursive."

Not I can't read cursive. I don't do cursive. As if that was her choice not to bother.

And mixed with embarrassment for her not reading cursive in English is full empathy and compassion. I still cannot make any sense of hieratic no matter how hard I try. Some of them come through but not many. Only the most explicit. Here look for yourself and see what I mean. All the rest are too similar to each other that the slightest difference in handwriting style throws off the whole thing, and it's all nothing but idiosyncratic handwriting. I totally understand the woman not comprehending handwriting. Japanese / Chinese kanji is the same way. The handwriting versions are sloppy messes slapped on with an overloaded brush. You have to be good at recognizing to get them. I'm watching The Samurai Gourmet and looking up kanji I cannot recognize and it's all cursive and hardly anything matches.

WKRLEM: Nobody ever drowned in Roy Moore's Car.

Read the entire article on "American Thinker."

In it you get a recap of the famous "waitress sandwich" that Uncle Ted and his butt boy Christopher Dodd made. Just a small example of the behavior of the Lion of the Senate.

Now the main stream media liars and the Democrat hypocrites want to destroy Judge Moore based on fabricated stories which are proving to be forgeries. One of these whores even admitted forging the date on to the yearbook which was her one piece of evidence and the media barefaced lies and said it is not a forgery. Yeesh.

I think he wins easily.

I also think he will stand against President Trump almost as much as he stands with him. Because Judge Roy Moore is not afraid to stand alone in defense of the Ten Commandments and Religious Freedom.